Shrakat supports the private sector through many advantages and incentives that contribute to the building and consolidation of a sustainable partnership through the exchange of experiences and the sharing of resources between the private and government sectors, in the form of the Ministry of Housing. And through quality and approved specifications we ensure the best results, so that citizens can obtain supported housing finance through the benefits and incentives of the partnership program.


Benefits infographics

Benefits of the Partnership Program with the Private Sector

  • For the Real-Estate Developer

    Benefits of the partnership program

    • Access to the database of beneficiaries from the Ministry of Housing
    • Reducing investment risk
    • Allow developers to implement multiple projects at reasonable costs
    • Package of financial and non-financial incentives
  • For the ministry of housing

    Benefits of the partnership program

    • Utilizing the experience of real estate developers to offer various housing offers to beneficiaries
    • Creating a sustainable market to produce residential units and facilitating opportunities for ownership of said units
    • Reducing dependence on the state budget
    • Maintain a balance of supply and demand in the management of both Ministry and Privately-owned land