Privacy Policy

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The Ministry of Housing's website always maintains the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data it receives. This information will only be disclosed if required by law or within the Ministry of Housing's mandate to exchange information with other government entities in accordance with the law and private property rights.

You are solely responsible for the completeness, integrity and veracity of the data you submit via this Site.

To preserve your personal data, we implement electronic storage and personal data transmitted using secure and encrypted technologies.

The site may contain links to websites or portals that may use methods of protecting information and privacy that differ from the methods used by us. We are not responsible for the content and methods of the privacy of other sites which are not hosted by the Ministry's website and are responsible for its protection.

Any change or tampering with the contents of this site will expose its user to legal accountability. You may print and download portions of the materials contained in the Ministry of Housing's website for non-commercial use provided that the copyright notice and other rights appearing on such copies are retained.

The site may not be accessed in any way or form that is considered illegal.